AYABA promises with each product, to deliver excellence and give a royal self-care experience using botanicals, inorganic chemistry and aromatherapy, boosting your confidence to royal status. We promise to offer clean evidence based product, that provide beauty and home sanitation solutions, with optimum safety and efficacy.



AYABA aims to be market leaders in the cosmetic industry, spare heading ground breaking scientific research and technology for creating cosmetic and sanitation products sustained by produce from Africa; empowering women and vulnerable children from a percentage of our proceeds.

Our Story

Ever heard of the quote ‘your misery becomes your ministry’? Well, that was the case with AYABA, a clean beauty haven dedicated to providing efficacious hair and skin solutions, was established in 2018.

From a young age our founder, Pharm Simi (MPHARM), suffered with dry skin, severe acne and hair loss at the age of 16. These conditions were all hereditary thus very hard to manage. Antibiotics failed, so did the common over the counter medication for these skin conditions and for the hair loss, many expensive treatments were trialled and at the age of  21 she almost underwent a hair transplant. After reaching this brick wall, she embarked on a life changing quest to find solutions to these confidence damping conditions. Partnering with God, the harvests of Africa’s rich soil and science, Ayaba was established.

The first two products were curated from recipes passed down to our founder by her mother. Using scientific research methods, these recipes were further developed into our ground breaking dry skin treatments, the Sheacrrot butter and Moisture Surge liquid black soap. The Cell repair hair oil was curated a year later, after several scientific research papers and a divine idea to combine the individual elements of the formulation, this product became pure magic for hair loss.

You may or may not be wondering what Ayaba means, but we will spill the tea either way. Ayaba is a Yoruba word, literally translated to mean, ‘wife of a king’, so in other words it means queen. Inspiration for the name came from Our founders Bible name, Esther. In the Yoruba language, Esther is translated to Estare Ayaba, that is, Esther the wife of a king.

Esther in the Holy bible indulged in a year-long ultimate self-care experience before she was to meet the King and amongst many other women, Esther was favoured by the King and chosen to be queen. Although God was working in her favour, we simply cannot ignore that her beauty regimen was befitting for a Royal engagement, ‘six months with oil of myrrh and six months with sweet spices and perfumes and things for purifying of the women’ Esther 2:12. What is a queen without a king? Ayaba is curated for both His and Her royal highnesses.


Simisola Oladinni

Simisola Oladinni

MPHARM (Univeristy of East Anglia, Norwich)